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When collaborating with financial companies, it is essential to choose a trustworthy partner to entrust your funds. At One Money Mail Ltd, we understand the importance of this and offer a range of services to ensure the highest quality for our clients.
Here are some key facts that demonstrate our commitment to excellence:

  1. One Money Mail Ltd has a long-standing tradition of supporting Polish individuals working in Great Britain since 2004.
  2. We provide efficient and rapid money transfer services across a broad range of options.
  3. Our company partners with leading financial institutions and organizations such as IAMTN, UKMTA, BPCC, Bank Pocztowy, and Bank BPS.
  4. One Money Mail Ltd is a rapidly growing company that can adapt to new market conditions and respond quickly to evolving customer needs.
  5. Our team comprises of 40 skilled professionals and a network of three agents located in Great Britain.
  6. We have been awarded prestigious accolades such as the Company of the Year prize for 2007 by the Polish-British Chamber of Commerce and the “Best Money Transfer Company for Eastern Europe 2011” by the International Association of Money Transfer Networks.

These facts provide conclusive proof of the quality of services offered by One Money Mail Ltd.