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Faster, safer… more mobile!

4 October 2012
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The Sami Swoi company has introduced another service that will revolutionise your approach to cash transfers. To make a transaction now, you don’t need to go to Sami Swoi center, or even have access to a computer!

Fast Track is the new mobile version of www.PrzekazyPieniezne.com, and is designed for instant money transfers via mobile phone. It’s currently the fastest available online money transfer service – a simple process on your smartphone that provides a fast, secure way to send the requested amount to a bank account in Poland.
Fast Track is ideal for the increasingly busy pace of life of Poles in Britain, actively occupied in running their own businesses. With Fast Track you can have more time for the really important things.

Sami Swoi – one of the world leaders

15 December 2011
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Polish companies abroad are continuously growing and are receiving more recognition on the European markets. One of the companies that have been appreciated recently by international institutions is the company One Money Mail Ltd. owner of Sami Swoi – PrzekazyPieniezne.com which was awarded the title of “Best Money Transfer Company for Eastern Europe 2011” by the International Association of Money Transfer Networks.

The Polish company that has operated in London for seven years has earned the prestigious distinction. The quality of its services was recognised already by about 70 thousand clients who entrusted their money to the company. Why do so many people decide to use their services? There are several reasons. For most of them easy access to the service is certainly very important, which guarantees a few options of transferring money. A person can choose to go to one of the hundreds of branches available in Great Britain, place an order by telephone or transfer money through the Internet at http://www.przekazypieniezne.com/  Each of these methods guarantees 100% security. The Internet system was designed on the basis of the latest certified security technologies. The company’s status is a financial institution with the full authorisation of FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Further, a competitive Pound exchange rate is very significant and provides for maximum savings in such transactions and low transfer costs. When choosing from among institutions operating on the transfer market, after security, costs are the second most important issue that is taken into account. Respecting its clients, the company Sami Swoi – PrzekazyPieniezne.com takes great care that clients can send the money they earn to their relatives at the lowest possible fee.

A client who decides to take advantage of the company’s offer, aside from security, competitive price and easy access to the services, also receives several features such as: the possibility of paying bills in Poland, use of the services through a debit card and free SMS notifications.

It is certainly worth taking notice of the company Sami Swoi – PrzekazyPieniezne.com and how it will continue to grow. The prestigious award granted on such a demanding financial market as London and incredible client care lead us to believe that very soon it may surprise us with other interesting solutions or awards.

Payment terminals have been installed in 28 branches of Sami Swoi

8 August 2011
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Our customers in London, Reading, Bristol, Slough, Birmingham, Merthyr Tydfil, Redditch, Harlow, West Bromwich, High Wycombe, Hayes and Andover can now transfer money to Poland by using their debit cards. The number of branches using payment terminals is steadily increasing. If you are an owner of a Polish business in UK, please note that every Sami Swoi agent can join the terminal programme. All you have to do is contact us by  email to agent@1mm.eu

On-line money transfer service

8 August 2011
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Sami Swoi, the biggest Polish money transmitter, has gained a new online distribution channel. Over 7 years  experience has helped us to build a stable and safe online money transfer service. Modern technology and security solutions give our customers certainty that their money reaches the correct account. An advanced administration panel allows customers to fully control their accounts in Sami Swoi’s on-line service.

Large transaction limit increased

8 August 2011
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Sami Swoi customers who transfer amounts higher than £1500 are not longer obliged to complete a Large Transaction Form. This Form is necessary only when transferring an amount of £4000 or over.